about me

I'm Brea.

I'm the girl in her place. Im 23 years old and though I'm from Boise, Idaho I've lived many places since graduating high school...Chicago, Ukraine, Scotland, Utah and currently Sydney, Australia. I attended Brigham Young University where I studied Political Science and minored in Communications. Now I'm enjoying living and working down under!

I write about life - how I figure out my way in this world, complete with all of the ups and downs; travel - one of my biggest passions, the motivation behind most of my actions and goals; and art - I enjoy other people's works as well as creating my own art, especially painting and ceramics.

I collect quotes like no other. I have quote books that I've made, quote documents, and quotes in my scriptures. I also love music, which is why I've supplied you with a list of the artists and songs that I currently cannot get enough of.

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I love it. I do not blindly follow its beliefs. I've sought out answers and revelation for myself and I continue to do so because I am not perfect. However, God has observed my efforts to understand and has blessed me with a testimony that is mine alone.

You can find me on pinterest and twitter. Also, you can always shoot me an email if you'd like to chat : )

Thanks for being here.