.... I study at the library from 9pm to midnight every week night except Friday.

.... I eat oranges all the time.

.... I can't stop thinking, dreaming, or drooling over everything Scotland.

.... Im doing fairly well in classes.

.... I wear scarves practically every day. And I freaking love the Autumn/Winter weather!

.... I listen to Coldplay, Brandon Flowers, and Gnarls Barkley all the time.

.... I find myself to be extremely funny.

.... Half or more of my time on Saturdays consists of watching football. Go BSU and BYU!!

.... I haven't been hanging out with my girlfriends. I need to change this!

.... I've been taking lots of photographs. And I've fallen in love with Instagram. (Hence the picture I took above!)

.... Im always in a weird "is life real?" mood....mostly b/c I can't believe Im going to Edinburgh.

.... I have become obsessed with the shows Revenge, The Secret Circle, and Modern Family.

.... I can't stop dancing while I listen to music on the way to school.

.... I talk to some member of my family every day. (My brother and sisters are like the most hilarious people on this planet.)

.... I have been reading the history of Scotland. Its some pretty fascinating stuff.


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