Only in the United Kingdom...

Here is a list of things that I have found you can only do, or things that can only happen, in the UK:

  • Trip down the stairs of a double-decker.
  • Find an intersection where each corner has a church older than the 1900's.
  • Buy pasties. Sad because I really like them. (Btw, no, they're not what you're thinking and yes, you are saying it wrong.)
  • Delivery guys walk instead of driving around in a car.
  • Walk down a street with four different names.
  • Live in a flat building that was built in 1876...without it being in the historical district.
  • Be casually walking around and randomly find a plaque with the name Tom Riddle on it.
  • Offered a handkerchief for your tears at church.
  • Get kissed by a random Irish guy.
  • Frequently find actual clouds, not only in the bathroom but the in kitchen as well.
  • Give some woman a double-take because you thought they looked like JK Rowling...three different times in the same day.

Disclaimer: Some of these may not be entirely unique to the UK, but these are some experiences I've definitely never had until coming here.

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