My week in photos...

Hello friends! Here's how I spent my week according to Instagram. I hope yours has been just as great!

1. Homemade sushi night with friends. We watched a 1962 samurai movie called Sanjuro to compliment the Japanese food.  Sushi is so. Freaking. Delicious.

2. Walking around my 'Provo Historical District' neighborhood in the hot afternoon. Yes, its true. I live in the historical district!

3. One of my roommates is a great artist and she did a bit of her own on me in the form of a henna bracelet. The perfect summer accessory? I think so.

4. Many of my afternoons have been spent watching Euro 2012. I love it. (Not quite as good as college football but it's doing well enough to curve those football cravings.) Oh, and keep rockin on England. I love you and miss you.

Happy weekend!

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