Around here...

                                                                              (Can I just say, I love my National Geographic old world map.)

I am not a morning person. So taking a job that starts at 8am every morning probably wasn't the best idea. You would think. Everyone around me apparently agreed with this idea, because when I said I was working at 8am Monday through Friday...they all laughed and said good luck with that. My dad, my best friends, my siblings, my roommates... Really I should be thankful that those around me clearly know me SO well. However, I feel like I have proved everyone wrong! Even myself.

I have actually been enjoying working early in the morning. I feel incredibly productive by the time 5pm rolls around. Not only am I always on time, I usually even get there early and before everyone else. AND I am perfectly sociable and cheery. Yay me!

All this early rising has made me really appreciate my bed these days. I've got a great roommate who, like me, loves to keep the window open at night to feel the cool breeze. Unfortunately, this can make getting out of my warm cozy bed in the morning even harder. Add in the fact that our room now smells like lilacs (due to a lovely candle) and....man, its a wonder I ever leave that bed.

Yesterday was the summer solstice and thus, the first official day of summer. I am a big fan of change and I was feeling a bit worn out at the end of school in May so getting a new job and starting a new season has been the perfect way to get my spirits back up. I have a renewed conviction to live a life filled with happiness, faith, health, and rich memories. And I won't settle for anything else.

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Deeana Turner said...

Ahhh! So glad you're back. I love your posts like no other!