The Plans for After I Graduate...?

My last year of college begins in a few weeks and my mind is going crazy thinking of the many paths I could choose at the end of it; typical of any senior. I wouldn't say I'm the type of person who is a 'planner,' however I do like to have a general idea of where I'm going and what I'm doing. As of now I am considering four very different options. Which is leaving my nerves...the very opposite of settled. I suppose that is the way I like it though. The anticipation is killing me but it's incredibly exciting.

My best answer:


Ali Ririe said...

Brea!!! I feel the same way! I'm going to miss you! ...unless we end up in the same place..... :)

Brea Davies said...

Aliiiiii! Haha I ALREADY miss you ;) We are hanging out once things get settled down! <3