{ In a position so as to be very near to something or someone; with very little space between. }

This word has been very effective in describing my life lately - even though Im far away from what I normally call home. Why, you ask?
  • I'm closer to my future - I've only been interning at the parliament for a week but I already feel like my future is clearer, or at least more feasible.
  • I'm closer to God - He is everywhere and always with me. I've been feeling that I need Him more and more. To help me, to lead me, to teach me. It's been a long time since I last felt this close to Him. What a difference starting a new adventure can make in one's spiritual life.
  • I'm closer to nature - Edinburgh is gorgeous...I can't get enough of it. As the picture I took above shows you, beauty is in every little part of this city.
  • I'm closer to my passions - Adventure, politics, friends, learning, music, travel, photography....just to name a few.
  • I'm closer to the world - I had never been to the United Kingdom before. Its a place that I've never dreamed about coming to because I always knew I would come here. Does that make sense? I love this country. LOVE. In February I will be taking multiple trips to explore more of it. And as the months go by I'll see more and more. I'll go to other countries in Europe that I've never been to - making the world smaller but bigger all at the same time.
I guess you could say that my life is pretty wonderful right now. Want to know how I've gotten to this point? I used this inspiration from writer Anne Sexton:
"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard."

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