I think...

      ...that the British culture is my favorite culture. And Scottish people are the nicest people in Europe.

      ...that time is going by way too quickly and Im not so happy about it.

      ...that because I've now had 3 different guys tell me Brea means beautiful in gaelic, it really must. At first I thought it might be a Scottish pick-up line but I'm convinced it's actually true. Which is pretty cool, right?

      ...that reading up on the politics back home is a very enjoyable part of my day.

      ...that I might be a little crazy for buying plane tickets to Paris.

      ...that I like being a little crazy. Because now Im going to Paris.

      ...that my favorite combination of colors has changed to lush green and dark gray... because of Edinburgh.

      ...that I need to start going to bed earlier.

      ...that the Scottish Parliament is wonderful and inspirational.

      ...that parsnips are my new favorite vegetable.

Enjoy your weekend friends!



Smiley Riley said...

Go to bed early my butt. (:

Breanna Davies said...

Haha, you know me too well ;)