Living life...

I've been so busy living my life these days, that I haven't found the time to blog about it!  So I apologize, first of all. (You all know this apology will eventually come at one point...really...because I'm terrible about keeping consistent at blogging.) But here I am, making amends. Please, forgive me. Alright, now that you've forgiven me, lets get on with it.

A brief recount of some of whats happened.


Travelled to London, Rosslyn, Paris, Glencoe, Loch Ness, Stirling, and Glasgow.
Met and was kissed on both cheeks by the first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond.
Went to church in Notre Dame.
Rode in a British taxi four different times...paid for courtesy the Scottish Parliament.
Saw Phantom of the Opera in West End, London.
Got hit by a driverless car and got a bruised and swollen leg. Yea, hurt pretty bad.
Then I accidentally got seriously drugged up from the medicine. <---That was embarrassing b/c there were many witnesses...
Saw the Queen....of England.
Went to an MSP (member of Scottish Parliament) only dinner. I get to do what very few other interns do because my MSP is blind and often needs someone with him.
Saw the Hunger Games twice.
Gave a talk in church.
Took a boat tour on the Loch Ness.
Have written endless Parliamentary Motions, one that was picked for members debate!
Was almost pick-pocketed in London.
Have explored cathedrals and castles and ruins galore.
Was on the Scottish Parliament Chamber version of C-span multiple times.
Walked along the misty North Sea Coast in Edinburgh.

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TroutSlayer said...

That sounds awesome! haha. Been living life... the way life ought to be lived!.. experiencing life instead of coasting through.