(My roommate Chelsie said, when she saw this photo, "You did not take that." And I informed her (as I am you) that yes, yes I did.)

Alright, I said before that I loved Keane and they are my favorite...but they've officially jumped into another league that will never be beaten. They sounded fantastic live and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. And Keane did as well! On Twitter after the show, they posted, "Salt Lake City wins best gig of the tour!" They came out for 3 encores because we were singing and screaming! Tom was like, 'you guys deserve more songs!' (In a British accent.)

Prepare to be insanely, insanely jealous of how close I got to them. I seriously took all these photos by myself (except for the ones Im in...). We, my roommate Katie and I, started out sitting on the ground waiting for the concert to start, then we got up and made our way to the front. We went from the 5th row back, to the 4th row, to the 3rd, 2nd, and finally for the last few songs...the 1st row!!!

Yea, that's my hand, practically touching Tom. And also, you will notice....he is totally looking at me! I caught our eye contact on camera! You know if he weren't married, he would have jumped off that stage, taken my hand, and kissed me right there. First of all because I am one of Keane's most devoted fans and secondly because I was lookin like hot stuff (see 2nd picture and the one below). Honestly, Im surprised I didn't pass out at this moment. You are looking at one of the longest dreams of my life coming true! :)

And here we are at the end of the concert, totally happy and fully satisfied with our evening!

I love you Keane!! <3

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