A lot of things have happened in this last month!  For me, this time of the year (end of summer, beginning of fall) is a time of new beginnings, uncertain challenges, and excitement about the unknown. And I absolutely love it. So...

  • I turned 21 years old! Officially an adult.
  • I was homeless and bumming it at a few friends houses for 2 weeks (thank goodness for those lovely people).
  • I've been working hard at my job and moved up in the place.
  • I started classes. And I really, really like them! My political science major continues to make me a happy student.
  • I moved into a beautiful condo (pictured above).
  • I've made a bunch of new friends. And my new roommates are a Mexican ballroom dancer and a fellow anglophile! We is crazy fun together.
  • Gave two talks in church. (I'm a spiritual beast.)
  • Cut myself some seriously hot bangs.
  • Received plane tickets from my dad to fly home to Boise on September 14th through the 17th! Home for the first time since before Scotland! Get ready Boise :)

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